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NFT assets backed by RDYX tokens and blockchain tech are the backbone of our collectively owned ecosystem-wide economy.

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Ownable In-Game Assets

NFT items allow developers, creators, and players to take an active role in the monetization and ownership of their experience.

  • Cross-game capabilities
  • Backed by the RDYX token
  • Property rights linked to the blockchain
  • Efficient minting process
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Token Infused NFTs

Every NFT minted in Ready’s ecosystem is infused with RDYX tokens. This gives each and every NFT inherent value above and beyond the actual value of the asset. It also protects against the devaluation of the NFT. NFT holders can melt their asset at any time to retrieve the infused tokens for immediate use or stake the NFT's value for even bigger rewards!



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Crypto Police Dogs

Get in on the Crypto Police Dog action with your very own dog to play in-game. You’ll have full license to buy, sell, trade, or melt your dog for $RDYX whenever you want.
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View In Game
Founder Game Pass

The first-ever Ready original collection is an artistic spin on classic game heroes minted as a collection of 1000 unique assets. Dress up your avatar and wear your NFT in games across the ecosystem while you enjoy tons of founder perks. Only 1000 Found Game Pass NFTs will ever be sold.
Coming Soon

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Deer Hunting Target

Craft NFT rifles to explore the outdoors and perfect your shot on virtual deer. The NFT Guns are super cool and infused with $RDYX!
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View In Game


Can I use my NFTs in every game in the Ready ecosystem?

Yes, all Ready ecosystem supported NFT assets have cross-game capabilities.

How do I melt my NFT?

You’ll have an option to melt any of your NFTs on your player dashboard.

When I melt an NFT, do I get immediate access to the infused tokens?

Yes, the tokens will become immediately available to you after melting.

I want to sell my NFT. Where can I market it?

You can sell it on the Ready Games marketplace, or list it on an external exchange. You own the asset 100% so the choice is yours.

How do I create an NFT collection?

At the moment, game developers can create NFT collections for their web3 games with Ready tools. This functionality is soon to be released for creators.

How do I feature my collection on the Ready Marketplace?

The Ready Marketplace is soon to be released.

Do you charge minting fees?

No. We charge no minting fees, and we also minimize any local blockchain minting fees.

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Web3 Gaming From the Top: Publishing Giants in Web3

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